Ian Johnson

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About me

I have dedicated my career to building B2B SaaS data and growth products, which are used by millions of consumers worldwide.Previously helped scale startups from Seed to Exit and worked with major players across multiple industries, including Google, Alibaba Pictures, Accenture, and Paramount Pictures.Currently exploring something new with AI.

Past Projects

Here is a list of revenue-generating companies and projects I have built.

  • Artifax - AI Ghostwriter

  • THIQUE - Grilled cheese and wine bar

  • Lasso - AI-powered Creator Marketing Platform

  • Wildfire - Creator Analytics

  • Syncd - AI User Interview Analysis

  • One.Six1 - Speciality Coffee Brand

  • BiG Deal - Dynamic Couponing for DTC Brands

  • The Funeral Planner - Funeral Planning

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