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About me

I have dedicated my career to building B2B SaaS data and growth products, which are used by millions of consumers worldwide.Previously helped scale startups from Seed to Exit and worked with major players across multiple industries, including Google, Alibaba Pictures, Accenture, and Paramount Pictures.Currently exploring something new with AI.

Past projects/ companies

Revenue-generating companies and projects I have built:

  • Artifax - AI Ghostwriter

  • THIQUE - Grilled cheese and wine bar

  • Lasso - AI-powered Creator Marketing Platform

  • Wildfire - Creator Analytics

  • Syncd - AI User Interview Analysis

  • One.Six1 - Speciality Coffee Brand

  • BiG Deal - Dynamic Couponing for DTC Brands

  • The Funeral Planner - Funeral Planning

Projects for fun:

What others have said

“I can't stress enough how lucky I feel to work on a team under Ian’s product guidance. I have had the privilege of working with a number of amazing product managers over the years but I can safely say that Ian epitomizes the ideal person in the role. It's difficult to put one’s finger on exactly what it is that makes something great, but in Ian’s case, I feel that he strikes the perfect balance of having great vision and ideas, respecting but continuously challenging the status quo on the processes required to build great products, while keeping an upbeat personable attitude consistently."
Aisling McCabe, Senior Software Engineer Lead, Squarespace

"Ian is a fantastic PM. He cares deeply about the work he does and the impact it has on users. He is rigorous in his pursuit of learning, understanding, and improving the ways in which products are created. This rigor, along with his ability to always keep an open mind, makes him an excellent product leader and a fantastic team member”
Aislinn Kelly, Staff Product Designer, Patreon

"Ian is an exceptional product leader who possesses a rare combination of analytical prowess, communication skills, and genuine charm. His ability to break down complex problems, develop comprehensive solutions, and effectively communicate insights makes him an invaluable asset in any product context. Ian's customer development skills are exceptional, and his natural talent for building strong relationships is backed by a deep understanding of the product and market. I wholeheartedly recommend Ian for any situation that demands a talented product leader with exceptional communication abilities.”
Adam Pearce, Staff Engineer, XOR Security

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